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BioGas Corp Projects

The HSAD plant in Clinton, NC began operation in 2002. With the successful launch of the 5.2 MW digester in Charlotte, NC and the 3.2 MW digester in Johnston, RI, the BioGas Corp team is moving forward with the development of several additional food waste digester projects.

  • The 9.6 MW Staten Island plant is expected to begin operation in the 2nd quarter of 2018. It will process food scraps from Staten Island and other NYC boroughs and will represent a large scale, state-of-the-art technological operation.

  • Two plants of 3 MW size each are under development in California. Interconnections studies and feedstock supply procurement are currently underway.

  • BioGas Corp is developing four more projects in the western part of the country which are in various stages of development with much of the required feedstock in place.

  • BioGas Corp is constantly looking for new project opportunities and has access to multiple sources of funding for these projects, which include U.S. and international investment groups.